About Ragdoll

Alex and Sue set up Ragdoll Training and Therapeutic Services in 2014 to offer holistic training in trauma and attachment and therapeutic assessment and interventions to children and their families who are experiencing difficulties with emotional regulation or behavioural presentation or where they are relational difficulties.

Ragdoll offer comprehensive attachment informed assessments.

Ragdoll also offer a 7 week therapeutic reparenting training programme to adoptive parents. This can be procured as a standalone package for local authorities, and can be adapted to foster carers.

Ragdoll also offer bitesize and bespoke training to professionals, including private/voluntary agencies, schools and health professionals who are working with children who are experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties, borne out of trauma and attachment difficulties. This is likely to include adopted and looked after children.

Ragdoll also offer a specific training session on “working with the traumatised child in school”.

Ragdoll offer a range of therapeutic interventions.

Intervention is available in Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Therapeutic assessments and training are not location specific.

Sue and Alex undertake work as individuals and therefore are not Ofsted registered. We will provide adoption support services under a contract for services with local authorities and registered adoption support agencies .

All work undertaken is supervised by fully accredited supervisors.