“Ragdoll offer a very supportive caring service. They are very flexible in the way they deliver their service accommodating us. I found Ragdoll incredibly kind, warm, professional and thoughtful. They clearly care about improving families lives and the children are at the heart of everything they do. Life has certainly improved since Ragdoll involvement and home is a much happier place.”

“Thank you so much for all the help and support you have provided to date, you definitely got us through some of our darkest days.”

“Sue worked with us as a family using mindfulness and CBT to give our son techniques to help with his anxiety. We found her to be professional yet fun and engaging at the same time.
We highly recommend rag doll and since their support things have been going swimmingly!
A huge thank you to Sue and the team” 

“We adopted our son just over 15 months ago. He has significant emotional needs and from day one it was identified that he would most likely need lifelong intervention for this. Alex has been working with our family for just over 12 months now. We were first referred from our Local Authority Social Worker for Play therapy. From the first assessment, the support and level of commitment to addressing our needs has been incredible. Our son has been attending weekly sessions and really looks forward to this time. We have received regular feedback on progress and have been able to access support outside of the sessions to deal with ongoing problems that have arisen over time. Alex has been supportive over accessing alternative training we can access as parents to further support the needs of our son. We have found their liaison with the LA to arrange a programme of sessions, discuss needs and assessments right through to the Play Therapy sessions and late night meetings for problems has all been first class. Alex has been happy to liaise with the school to ensure that they are supporting the work being completed and provide a more seamless support network to address the challenges faced by our son. We could not recommend this service highly enough, not just for the therapy side but the ongoing support and genuine care you receive as a parent. It feels like we are a team trying to work on these issues and not just having to face them alone makes a huge difference to our confidence. Many thanks to the Ragdoll team.”

“Sue and Alex, wow, what a Godsend. We adopted our boy, 4 years ago now and it was only after meeting with these 2 lovely ladies that we were able to UNDERSTAND our child better. After a few weeks/months of meeting Alex & Sue, I can see that we are GROWING into a FAMILY. We LISTEN to each other. We TALK as a family. We LOVE as a family. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US LIVE OUR LIVES as a FAMILY….”

“It is good for families who aren’t very close or families who have moved in with new parents” (13 y/o)

“it was never ever boring . . . I liked the activities” (15 y/o)

thank you for everything, it was lots of fun” (12 y/o)



“Sue and Alex have been really great to work with as a provider of therapeutic services. They have tailor made a therapeutic support package with good communication”

“Thank you for your report, which I have to say I found both insightful and refreshingly robust . . . (mum) has clearly taken on board your advice and I think this is really empowering for her. She was also feeling very heard . . . this has also been validating for her. Thank you for this”.

“I have worked with Alex and Sue in a professional capacity and have found them both to be very friendly, approachable and professional.  They work openly and honestly with families and are flexible in their approaches, tailoring packages to suit individual families’ needs.” 



“Thank you for what I consider to be one of the best training courses I have ever attended (I’ve had a lot of training)…”

“Thank you for making the course enjoyable and for letting us all join in discussions.”

“Very supportive and brings a lot of fun to difficult topics.”

“Very good practical advice.”

“Thank you for giving us permission to believe we don’t always have to ‘get it right’.”

“It was beneficial hearing the experiences of the other people on the course.”

“I have found all sessions interesting, informative and beneficial to know we’re not alone!”

“Full of good ideas and you’ve really given us some excellent tips!”

“Thank you for listening and all the great ideas”

“I was in quite a low place at the start of this course. You’ve restored my resilience”.

“great hints and tips on a wide range of things that are very practical to use at home”

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