Alex Machonphoto

Alex qualified as a Social Worker in 2001 and has spent the last 14 years working with children and families in the area of Child Protection. During the course of her career, Alex became increasingly interested in the therapeutic needs of children and helping them express themselves. Alex qualified as a Play Therapist in 2008 and since that time has built her practice working with children who have experienced trauma and loss, including those who are no longer cared for by their birth families. Alex has supported her therapeutic work, with additional training in meaning of the child, systemic interventions and Theraplay. She is particularly interested in the impact of trauma on a child’s development, Attachment and working systemically with families and their professional network. Alex is passionate about life story work with children.

Alex has also assessed prospective alternative carers for children, and has delivered training to adopters and foster carers about how to support children’s emotional needs.

Alex is a HCPC registered Social Worker, a BAPT registered Play therapist and is fully insured with Nagalro.

Sue hollingsworthphoto

Sue started her career in residential children’s homes with looked after adolescents. She qualified as a Social Worker in 2001 and has worked across the field of Children and Families social work, from initial assessments through to child protection and fostering and adoption. Sue has becoming increasingly interested in and aware of the impact of developmental trauma and attachment histories. She has used a range of therapeutic approaches to encourage healthy and nurturing relationships between children and their caregivers. She has worked directly with children to help them develop a positive sense of self, emotional expression and regulation and has worked with adults in the network to identify and manage unhelpful behavioural and emotional strategies. Sue is experienced in using Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Care Index and Narrative Story Stems as a means of assessment and intervention. Sue has also worked with adults offering CBT and person centred counselling.  Sue is particularly interested in the working with the traumatised child in school.

Sue is an experienced trainer in domestic violence, online safety, sexual abuse and grooming and trauma and attachment.

Sue is a HCPC registered Social Worker and a member of BASW. She is fully insured with Nagalro.